IDF - Italian District Federation


The Italian District Federation is a non-profit association - founded in 1994 - representing the Italian industrial and productive Districts.

It includes Italy’s most important industrial and productive Districts and it is the institutional representative of trade associations, Ministries, bodies and institutions.

The Federation is part of the European Clusters network and in 2013 will merge with Unionfiliere.

The Italian District Federation reunites the most important Industrial Districts.

The members may be: districts, industrial or craft associations representing a sector, unions, Chambers of Commerce, Company service centres and other organisations that run their business at a local level and which are involved with local systems.

About fifty industrial districts are currently associated with the Federation that is to say:

The principle sectors of Italian products are represented: wool textiles, taps and fittings, clothing, glasses, silk textiles, metalwork, furniture, food and fruit, cork, ski boots and sports footwear, leather goods and footwear, goldsmith, technology, mechanics.

Principal aims are: