UK Leather Federation (UKLF) is the representative trade association for the UK tanning industry.

UKLF currently has two specialist members of staff and 18 member and associated tanneries, which, in total represent over 95% of UK Leather production.

Key areas of interest and activity by UKLF are all aspects of legislation affecting the industry, raw materials, trade issues, environment and industry training.

Since 2000, UKLF staff have managed the Leather Sector Climate Change Agreement, which is an agreement with the UK Government to achieve negotiated targets for energy efficiency improvements, in return for a discount (of between 65 and 80%) on the general Climate Change Levy, which is applied to all main energy sources in the UK.

Within the Ind-Eco Project, UKLF is an active participant in

UKLF is the Work Package leader in WP 5 (Investments) and has specific roles in WP 6 (Monitoring of WP 4) and WP 7 (producing a project brochure and final publishable report as part of Communication).